Dan Lenchner Photography - danlenchnerphotography.com

1946Born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dan Lenchner - self portrait
1952Moves with family to New York City.
Attends public schools in the Bronx.
1961-1967Family returns to Israel. Attends High School in Tel Aviv.
Serves in Israeli Army from 1964-67.
1967-1973Attends college in Los Angeles. Degrees in Comparative Literature.
Travels to the Amazon and begins to photograph in 1973.
1974-1979Teaches literature to GIs stationed in West Germany, Turkey, and Crete.
Travels throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
Drives from Germany to India in 1978 on photo trip.
1979 - Moves back to US. Travels and photographs extensively in Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East.
Resides in New York City with wife and two sons.
All images captured on film and printed on fiber based paper.
No subjects are posed and no artificial lighting is used.
Unless indicated, all images are uncropped.
Lenchner's archive contains images from 40 counties